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What is a Mandated Reporter?

A mandated reporter is a person required by law to report concerns of child abuse or neglect, elder abuse, or domestic violence. In some states, all people are required to report suspected abuse, essentially making every person a mandated reporter. Most states, however, identify specific professionals as mandated reporters. In these cases, mandated reporters typically have frequent contact with the relevant group, such as children or seniors.

What is a Permissive Reporter?

Voluntary reporters are also referred to as “permissive reporters.” A permissive reporter is any person who reports concerns of child abuse, elder abuse, or domestic abuse—regardless of their profession. Permissive reports are allowed in order to protect victims from suspected abuse and neglect. In most cases, your identity can remain confidential, and most states provide toll-free phone numbers for receiving reports of abuse or neglect.

Everyone Has a Duty to Protect Abuse Victims

Regardless of where you live or what you do, we all have a responsibility to protect our communities from the devastating effects of abuse and neglect. Mandated and permissive reporters who report concerns or suspicions of abuse can help save the lives of people who desperately need their help.

Mandated reporter training can help both mandated and permissive reporters get the tools and resources they need to report the facts and circumstances that led them to suspect that someone has been abused or neglected.

Recognize the signs of abuse.