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Are you a mandated reporter of elder abuse?

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Enter your state to find out if you need to report child abuse and neglect.

Are you a mandated reporter of elder abuse?

Find out who must report elder abuse

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Federal laws such as the Elder Justice Act and state laws throughout the U.S. require certain individuals to report the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of elderly adults.

Elder Abuse Training

Elder abuse can have a devastating impact on some of our community’s most vulnerable members, particularly those with memory concerns. How can you support seniors who you suspect may be victims of elder abuse? Are you required to report your suspicions to the authorities?

For mandated and voluntary reporters of elder abuse, understanding how to identify suspected abuse and how to report when appropriate can help victims receive crucial aid. Learn how to find training for reporters of elder abuse in your state.

What is Elder Abuse Training?

Elder abuse training provides reporters with the information they need to understand how and when they are required to file a report for suspected elder abuse. The circumstances under which a mandatory reporter must make a report vary from state to state, making training essential.

Typically, elder abuse reporting laws require professionals such as health professionals, psychologists, social workers, etc. to report suspected incidences of elder or dependent adult abuse.


Who Is Required To Report?

Is Training Required?

What timing and procedural requirements apply to reports?


Find answers to questions about being a mandated reporter of elder abuse.

Recognize the signs of abuse.