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Are you a mandated reporter of domestic violence?

drawing of a girl holding her hands to here face

Enter your state to find out if you’re required to report intimate partner violence.

Are you a mandated reporter of domestic violence?

Find out who must report domestic violence

drawing of a girl holding her hands to here face

Many states require certain individuals to report incidents relating to suspected intimate partner violence, domestic violence, or domestic abuse.

Domestic Violence Training

What should you do if you suspect someone is a victim of intimate partner violence? Should you make a report, and if so how and what information do you need to provide?

Understanding how to navigate a situation where you suspect domestic violence can be incredibly challenging. Several states have laws in place requiring certain individuals to report intimate partner violence, making it crucial to understand how to handle these incidences. Find training to help you support victims and react appropriately to keep everyone involved safe.

What is Domestic Violence Training?

Domestic violence training provides mandatory reporters of intimate partner violence with the information and tools necessary to identify and report concerns of abuse. The requirements of who is required to report suspected domestic violence and under what circumstances vary greatly from state to state.

Where required, reporting laws often require health care professionals to report specific types of injuries, such as burns, gunshot wounds, or other non-accidental wounds, to local law enforcement. There may also be laws in place surrounding the treatment of victims of sexual assault.

By reporting suspected domestic violence where required, and providing victims with the resources they need, we can help protect our neighbors and their families from this devastating reality.


Who Is Required To Report?

Is Training Required?

What are the Protocols?


Find answers to questions about being a mandated reporter of domestic violence.

Recognize the signs of abuse.