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What Are CE Requirements for Chiropractors in California?

What Are CE Requirements for Chiropractors in California?

What Are CE Requirements for Chiropractors in California?

What Are CE Requirements for Chiropractors in California?

Chiropractors and other healthcare professionals must take continued education to keep and renew their licensure. Depending on your state Continuing Education Unit (CEU) requirements, as well as the number of credits that are required for your licensure or renewal, can vary. In California, the Board of Chiropractic Examiners (BCE) requires that all chiropractors complete a certain certification level to earn and renew their licenses.

What Are CE Requirements for CA Chiropractors?

In California, the Board of Chiropractic Examiners requires 24 hours of continued education (CE) for licensure and renewal. Six of the 24 hours are mandatory from the following categories:

  • 2 hours of Ethics and Law
  • 4 hours in any one or combination of the following topics:
    • Chiropractic Adjustive or Manipulation Technique
    • History Taking and Physical Examination Procedures
    • Proper and Ethical Billing and Coding
  • 18 hours must be taken in any of the categories listed in CCR Section 361, in addition to the mandatory categories above
  • A maximum of 12 continuing education hours may be completed through distance learning

Can Mandated Reporter Training Qualify for CE Credits?

Chiropractic CE Requirements: Ethics and Law Requirements

Chiropractors can satisfy a portion of their CE requirements from approved courses in the Ethics and Law category, which can include courses on mandatory reporting requirements for child abuse and neglect, elder abuse and neglect, and spousal or cohabitant abuse (also known as intimate partner violence or domestic violence).

Other Ethics and Law courses include but are not limited to:

  • Truth in advertising
  • Professional boundaries
  • Sexual boundaries between patients and doctors
  • Review of specific laws, rules, and regulations related to the practice of chiropractic in the State of California

Chiropractors are Mandatory Abuse Reporters

Taking mandated reporter training courses can help chiropractors and other medical professionals fulfill their legal duties as mandated reporters. Medical professionals are legally required to report the following types of abuse in CA:

Child Abuse

California and other states designate medical professionals, including chiropractors, as mandatory reporters of child abuse and neglect.

Here is an example of a reportable child abuse scenario you could encounter:

During a routine check-up, Dr. Smith noticed unusual and repeated burn marks on 8-year-old Mia’s arm. When asked about it, Mia looks to her mom, who in return quickly dismisses them as “kitchen accidents.” As a mandated reporter with training, Dr. Smith recognizes this as a sign of abuse and immediately files a report with Child Protective Services and other regulatory bodies.

Elder Abuse

In addition to child abuse, CA and other states also include chiropractors as mandatory reporters of elder and dependent abuse and neglect.

Here is an example of a reportable elder neglect patient scenario you could encounter:

During a visit, Dr. Lee notices her 82-year-old patient, Mrs. Thompson, appearing withdrawn and having lost significant weight since her last visit 3 months ago. Mrs. Thompson mentions that she is feeling lonely because her son works long hours, which leaves her alone in her home. Dr. Lee also noticed that her clothing was unclean and that his patient appeared to be struggling with basic hygiene. As a mandated reporter and concerned carer, Dr. Lee contacts local adult protective services (APS) and authorities, reporting possible signs indicating elder neglect.

Domestic Violence

CA and other states designate medical professionals, including chiropractors, as mandatory reporters of intimate partner violence (IPV). In CA, the law states you are required to make a report when treating a person whom you know or reasonably suspect is suffering from a physical injury resulting from assaultive or abusive conduct.

Here is an example of a reportable domestic violence patient scenario that you could encounter:

Dr. Harper sees that one of her long-time patients, Emily, is acting unusually nervous and has several apparent injuries. Emily explains away her several injuries as “accidents” from “being clumsy,” but her many bruises and a broken bone remind Dr. Harper of signs of physical abuse. During her exam, Dr. Harper notices Emily’s unwillingness to discuss home life and her jumpiness around sudden movements. Dr. Harper is suspicious and concerned for Emily’s safety, so she files a report with the local authorities.

Mandated Reporter Training Benefits for Chiropractors

State reporting laws require many professionals, including chiropractors, to file reports when abuse is suspected. However, reporting requirements can be complicated.

For example, reports go to different agencies depending on the suspected victim.

Report timing can also vary depending on the severity of an injury or the type of victim. Some reports must be made immediately, while others can be made within 24-36 hours. Reporting requirements can include phone calls and specific report forms.

Mandated reporter training is designed to get reporters informed on what to do when they suspect abuse or neglect.

Mandated reporter training educates reporters on the following:

  • What constitutes abuse or neglect
  • How to recognize the signs of potential abuse and neglect
  • When to make a report
  • How to make a report
  • Where to submit a report

Failing to Report has Penalties

In California, failing to report not only results in a higher likelihood of harm for victims but also is considered a misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail and/or up to a $1,000 fine.

By taking a mandated reporter training course, chiropractors can ensure they stay up-to-date on the most current reporting requirements and reduce their chances of accidentally failing to report. If your training course is approved by the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners and provided by an approved provider, you may be able to satisfy a portion of your CE requirements, as well.

Where to Find Mandated Reporter Training for Chiropractors

If you are a medical professional in need of Mandated Reporter Training, you can create an account and start training today at

Recognize the signs of abuse.