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Are you a
Mandated Reporter?

A mandated reporter is a person legally required to report suspicion of abuse or neglect to the relevant authorities

Mandated Reporters are individuals who are legally obligated to report suspected abuse, which can include child abuse, domestic abuse, and elder abuse. Requirements vary based on your state or territory and profession. Taking the appropriate mandated reporter training is the best way to ensure that you understand your duty and can report effectively. Find the resources you need below.

Everyone Has a Duty to Protect Abuse Victims

Abuse happens through all stages of life in the forms of child abuse, domestic violence, and elder abuse.

our children.

The Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) requires each state to have procedures in place for requiring certain individuals to report known or suspected instances of child abuse and neglect.

domestic abuse.

Many states require certain individuals to report incidents relating to suspected intimate partner violence, domestic violence, or domestic abuse.

Elders are among the most vulnerable.

Federal laws such as the Elder Justice Act and state laws throughout the U.S. require certain individuals to report the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of elderly adults.


A mandated reporter is a person who is required by their state to report concerns of abuse or neglect.

Most mandated reporters are identified by their professions and may include school personnel, law enforcement, medical workers, and more. Find out if you’re required to report: Child Abuse, Domestic Violence & Elder Abuse

Every state has mandated reporting requirements, and, as a result, each state has reporting standards. Find your state’s training and requirements here.

Recognize the signs of abuse.